Q: How often does my generator need maintenance?
A: Your generator needs maintenance on a yearly basis. This is calculated solely on the 15 minute weekly exercise. We also recommend having maintenance on your generator if it has run for a consecutive 48hrs. We offer an Annual Maintenance Contract that will cover the yearly maintenance as well as a reduced hourly rate for trouble shooting calls throughout the year.

Q: My generator has a yellow/amber light on.
A: The yellow/amber light indicates that your generator is in need of maintenance. The light should come on one year after the last maintenance and will stay on until the maintenance is done or the light is cleared. If you just recently had the maintenance done, the light can be cleared by using the control board on the generator. Lift the lid to the generator and follow the on screen instructions. If you have an older generator with no screen, please see your user manual.

Q: My generator did not do its weekly cycle.
A: First, check to see if the red light is on your generator. If so, lift the lid and check the fault message on the screen. Make note of the fault message. Try to start your generator in manual mode. It may not start on the first few tries but if it does not start after the first few tries, please give us a call. One of our technicians can walk you through a few at home steps you can take and if necessary, we will make an appointment for our technician to come to your home to troubleshoot the unit.

Q: My generator has an "Over Crank" fault on it.
A: Your generator may go out on Over Crank due to a few reasons, cold weather being the most likely. The reason it goes out on Over Crank is because it tries to start automatically a few times. After a few times of not starting, the generator will kick out this “Over Crank” fault for security reasons to protect itself from further damage. You can try to turn the generator on manually. Lift the lid and turn the control panel to OFF. Press enter to clear the fault then press MAN for Manual mode. It may take a few times of trying to start it before it actually starts. Once it starts, let it run for approximately 15 minutes then shut it down and turn it back to Automatic. If the generator does not start after a few manual attempts to start it, please contact us and we can get you in touch with a technician or schedule an appointment.

Q: My generator has a red light on.
A: If your generator has a red light on, it will not start automatically and will not run in a power outage. With newer model generators, you can open the lid to the generator to view the “fault” message on the control panel. The fault message will tell you what’s wrong with the generator. Older generators will not have a screen to view a fault message. You can make an attempt to start the generator in MAN, Manual mode. If the generator does not start after a few times of trying to start in manual, please contact us so we can set up an appointment or get you in touch with a technician. Please be sure to take note of the fault message if it is available to you.

Q: How long does a generator install take?
A: Our average install takes only 1 day at approximately 6-8 hours. We arrive at the home between 8 and 9 am and will continue to work throughout the day. Power will be off in your home for approximately 2-4 hours. We ask that the propane company arrives between 10 am and noon. This will allow us to set the generator and be out of the way of the propane company. If the propane company does not show up on the install date and we need to arrange another date to come back, there is an additional fee of $250.

Q: How do I know what size generator I need?
A: We will set up a free estimate with our sales representative to come to your home and size the best fit for your specific generator needs. Our expert will be able to answer any questions you have as well as give you an estimate on a cost for the generator/installation.

Q: How do I start my generator manually?
A: Lift the lid to your generator. Turn the control panel to the OFF position and hit enter to clear any faults on the screen. Press MANUAL to start the generator in manual mode. If it will not start after 3-5 times, please contact us to get in touch with a technician or schedule an appointment.

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